Health First Acquisition of MIMA Q&A

Monday November 12, the MIMA  physician shareholders voted in favor of an acquisition  of their group practice by Health First.  There are several events to occur before an acquisition would be complete.

In anticipation of questions patients might have concerning this potential acquisition, we have provided answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:  Is Health First buying MIMA?  If so, when will this occur?

A:    Yes, the acquisition will be finalized on February 15th, 2013. Further updates will be provided as the date nears.

Q:   Will I have to change doctors?
A:    Patients can continue to receive care from their current physician, unless that physician chooses  to not join the group.

Q:   Do I have to have Health First Health Plan insurance to see my doctor?
A:    MIMA and Health First physicians will continue to see patients with a variety of insurance plans, as well as patients who self pay.  

Q:   Will my doctors be moving?
A:    As we work through the integration process in the coming months, it may make sense to relocate a physician from one location to another. If such a move is needed, patients will be notified well in advance.

Q:   Which hospitals will my doctor have privileges at?

    Physicians will continue to maintain hospital privileges at their respective hospitals.
Q:   Will my healthcare costs increase?
A:    Your out-of-pocket expenses will increase only if indicated by your insurance carrier.  

Q:   What is the benefit to the community?
A:    The result of the acquisition will be a larger network of providers collaborating on quality patient care.  Collaborative physician networks have demonstrated savings in the delivery of healthcare across a population. 

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