Announcing MIMA Sleep Disorders Center

MIMA is proud to announce the opening of a four-bed Sleep Disorders Center in Palm Bay at the Par Place Facility, located at 5200 Babcock Street NE on Monday, 8/28/06.

Overnight testing is regularly performed Sunday thru Friday nights; daytime studies and patient CPAP clinics are conducted Monday thru Friday.   

Evaluation, diagnosis, treatment recommendations and follow-up is not limited to sleep disordered breathing (apnea) issues, but extends to the full range of sleep issues.

Patients are seen by a member of the Sleep Disorders Center’s Medical Staff, comprised of Dr. Prakash Reddy and Dr. Theodore Amgott, for evaluation prior to scheduling sleep studies. 

Dr. Reddy is the Center’s Medical Director, and Larry Bedwell, RPSGT is the Manager.  In addition to the Manager, the technical staff consists of 4 night-time technicians and one daytime technician.  Four of the 6 technical staff members are Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (RPSGT), and collectively have 31 years experience in the field.

For More Information, see our Sleep Medicine page listed under Services.

The Center’s staff can be reached at (321) 724-0015 should you have questions.

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